Aida's Story

Why She Does This!

Aida Camalich Lough began this journey before she knew it. She is an artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. But can food be art? She is a firm believer that food can be an art form. She has always loved to cook, bake, create. She knows authentic Mexican style cooking. While at the same time is a devotée to the Julia Child method of cooking. When asked to bake a pie for an event, it was the hit of the show. She made a special salsa she created for her husband. He said this is something everyone would like. The rest is history. Her baguettes and pretzel rolls are works of art. The difference is; you can enjoy this art form.

Every Saturday in Eugene and Veneta, and Tuesday in Eugene, you can buy fine art and eat it! In Eugene she offers her fine line of salsas. Her cilantro salsa is unbelievable. It now is available in four forms; Mild, Wild, Wildfire and Volcano. When a customer asked if she can make a habañero salsa, she made it (called Flame Thrower). Her cilantro salso is accompanied by a Guajillo Salsa that uses roasted peppers to accent Mexican and other ethnic dishes. Aida takes three days to make her authentic 27 ingredient Molé Pablano which is based, in part, on a Frida Kahlo recipe. She now makes a Oaxaca and a White Mole as well. The result is worth the time spent! 

Her products are available only at the Eugene Tuesday and Saturday Markets 9-3 and the Veneta Saturday Farmer's Market from 10-2pm.. Try a free sample of chips and her delicious Aida Salsas. Look for the people nodding their heads in agreement that this is the best salsa they have ever tasted!